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There are some that we have published. Check them out:

10+ Original Canva Templates for Instagram Marketing

For thought leaders, content marketers and entrepreneurs. Save time and grab attention with our easy-to-edit Canva templates. - Create Websites with Google Sheets as Database (WITHOUT CODING)

Have a list of items listed on Google Sheets that can be useful as website? This tool helps you do exactly that.

FREE: 101 Keywords for Awesome Canva Elements

The best & free elements in Canva are always hidden. Use these PDF to discover free but amazing illustrations and icons for your next designs.

FREE: Get 20-50 Keywords for Awesome Canva Elements each Month

A monthly newsletter with newly discovered keywords for Canva. It's free!

FREE: Data of 1,900+ Funded Startups in Asia

Get access to a Google Sheet with data of near 2K startups that have raised investments between January and June 2021.

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