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This pack of Canva templates is created specially for busy Marketers, Entrepreneurs & Thought Leaders who are looking to post insightful & engaging content on Instagram.

Our Promise: Get full refund & keep the templates if you are unhappy!

Here's how ✨easy✨ it is to use these Canva templates!

1️⃣ After purchasing, you'll receive a PDF with links to all templates in the pack

2️⃣ Click on the link, & it'll open on Canva

3️⃣ Change colors to suit your brand

4️⃣ Update the copy

5️⃣ Customise design elements

6️⃣ Done - Download and upload to instagram!

✳️ For posts like "continuous carousel" & "3 by 3 grid", use FREE tools like Pinetools.com to split the images before posting on Instagram.

Here are the 26 templates that you'll get with this purchase:

Why choose us?

1️⃣ Saves you time 2️⃣ Gets your message across beautifully 3️⃣ Allows you to make more money!

Create content faster

You just need to prepare the text and transfer it to the template. Don’t waste time worrying about design.

Works on Canva Free & Pro tiers

Extremely easy to use. No design skill needed. Take advantage of Canva's free stock images & design elements.

Guiding lines available

Where important, we have included grids & guiding lines so you know how things will look like when you post on IG while designing.

Unlimited Use

Buy once, use unlimited times! For both personal & commercial. They can even make you money if you offer your design services to others!


Request for refund if you are unhappy! You get to keep the templates still. No question asked. Valid within 14 days after purchase.

After-sale support

Any problem using our templates? Reach out to us on Instagram (@hacknship). We’re more than happy to help!

Testimonial from the Community of Users



The templates are easy to use and edit. It helped me with ideas and efficiency.


Sales Consultant



These templates have taken my brand to the next level and my engagement rate to higher percentages. These CLEAN templates are top notch and I am VERY SATISFIED with the delivered products. Absolutely 5 star templates and easy to use. Thank you Hacknship!

V. Anderson

Web-designer & Publisher



The templates were very versatile and were easily customisable to every category of post.

Sahil Nambisan


You will receive a PDF with links to all 26 Templates via E-mail (immediately after purchase)


Continuous Carousel x 1

The-Futur Inspired Carousel x 1

Listicle-with-Image Carousel x 2

Text-only Carousel x 1

Picture-with-Caption Carousel x 1

Quotes Posts x 6

Product Feature Posts x 3

3 by 3 Grid Post x 1

Testimonial Posts x 5

Thought-leader Profile Picture x5

✅ For personal & commercial use

⛔️ No private-label/white-label rights

✅ After-purchase support via live chat, email & Instagram DM

✅ Unhappy? 14-day refund period. No question asked!




Private-label/White-label rights. With this, you have the rights to repackage the pack with your own brand and redistribute it for profit or as a freebie.

✅ Unhappy? 14-day refund period. No question asked!

Hey! I'm Tengku Syamil, the creator of these Canva templates.

  • Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia (2016)
  • Co-founder of Kitafund.com (Acquired)
  • Growth Lead at a Middle East Crypto Exchange

I have dabbled in a lot of things, but at my core, I am a digital marketer.

As a marketer, I've created thousands of graphics on Canva since I discovered it in 2015. I've used Canva to create social media posts, infographics, merchandises, ads and so much more!

Over the years, Canva just keeps on getting better and better, allowing my teammates and I to design images faster and better.

A thing that boosted productivity for the teams that I have led is Canva templates. Particularly, templates that are "fool-proof" and friendly to be used by even non-designers!

This is why I have started this project.

I'm making my templates accessible so that other entrepreneurs, marketers and thought leaders can present their ideas beautifully and get the attention that they deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the templates after purchasing?

After purchasing, you will receive a PDF booklet with the links to all templates via e-mail!

For the templates that need splitting, how do I do that?

There are two templates that require splitting: 'Continuous Carousel' & '3 by 3 Grid Post'.

You can use Pinetools.com (Free!) to split the images. Here are the steps:

  1. Download your design from Canva
  2. Open Pinetools.com/split-image
  3. Upload your image
  4. Under "How to split the image", select "Horizontally" for 'Continuous Carousel' & "Both (grid)" for '3 by 3 Grid Post'
  5. Select "JPG" as the "Output Format"
  6. Under "Split by...", select "Quantity of Blocks (equal height)"
  7. For 'Continuous Carousel, type in 5 under "Quantity of Blocks". Whereas for '3 by 3 grid post' type in 3 under bot "vertically" and "horizontally".
  8. Download images! Done!

If I need help with the templates after purchasing, can I reach out to you?

Definitely! You can reach out to me via the live chat on this page, Instagram direct message at @hacknship or email me at hacknship@gmail.com.

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